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String Constants

A reference of the strings used throughout the API.


Used for Items, to distinguish the different kinds of study available.

  • "rune": Writing
  • "defn": Definition
  • "rdng": Reading or Pinyin
  • "tone": Tone

Target Languages

Languages Skritter teaches. Used throughout the API.

  • "zh": Chinese
  • "ja": Japanese

Source Languages

Languages Skritter supports for its definitions. Used by Vocabs.

  • "ar": العربية
  • "da": Dansk
  • "de": Deutsch
  • "en": English
  • "es": Español
  • "fi": Suomi
  • "fr": Français
  • "hi": हिन्दी
  • "hu": Magyar
  • "it": Italiano
  • "ja": 日本語
  • "ko": 한국어
  • "nl": Nederlands
  • "no": norsk
  • "pl": Polski
  • "pt": Português
  • "ro": Română
  • "ru": Русский
  • "sv": Svenska
  • "vi": Việt
  • "yue": English/Cantonese
  • "zh-cn": 简体中文
  • "zh-tw": 繁體中文

Chinese Styles

Used by Vocabs and Items.

  • "simp": Simplified
  • "trad": Traditional
  • "both": Either/both styles
  • "none": Ain't got no style (Items only)