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Progress Stats Entity


  • date
    date string
  • timeStudied
    breakdown of time in seconds studied
  • daysStudied
    breakdown of days studied
  • client
    client API name which first submitted reviews on this date, if available
  • char, word
    objects with 'part' properties leading to breakdowns of stats. So the paths in these objects are:
    • level (word, char) ->
    • part (rune, defn, rdng, tone) ->
    • stat (learned, learning, remembered, studied) ->
    • breakdown object

Breakdown objects mentioned above are objects with four values:

  • 'all': the total cumulative value up to the current date
  • 'month': the cumulative value since the beginning of the month
  • 'week': the cumulative value since the beginning of the week
  • 'day': the value since the beginning of the day