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Progress Statistics Endpoint

This endpoint gives you the raw, overall data of a User's progress, the same which is used in the /progress page and put into a graph. Use this endpoint if you would like to:

  • Show or provide the User's progress in whatever format you like.
  • Get information on today's progress.
GET http://legacy.skritter.com/api/v0/progstats


  • start
    Date string ('YYYY-MM-DD') of the beginning of the range to fetch.
  • end
    Date string ('YYYY-MM-DD') of the end of the range to fetch. Note that the range has a limit based on the step:
    • 14 for 'day'
    • 70 for 'week'
    • 731 for 'month'

    (default: same as start)
  • step
    The granularity of the data to fetch. Options are 'day', 'week', or 'month'.
    (default: 'day')
  • lang
    Which language to fetch progress data for.
    (default: User setting)
  • fields
    comma-separated list of ProgressStats properties to return.
    (default: all)