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VocabListRow Entity

Rows represent a single word (or set of related words) in a list, and any list-specific settings for that word.

For Chinese, a list always works both for simplified and traditional styles. If a row is for a word with multiple traditional variants, the list must specify which variant will be used.

For Japanese, textbooks tend to stagger the learning of Kanji, so students end up studying only the readings and definitions of many words at first. The studyWriting property is used so that Skritter textbook lists can mirror this strategy, and not overwhelm users with Kanji they're not supposed to be learning for class.


  • vocabId
    Vocab id for this word, simplified if Chinese
  • tradVocabId
    The Vocab id of the traditional variant of vocabId. Equivalent to vocabId if there is no variant.
    (mutable) (Chinese only)
  • studyWriting
    whether the writing for this word will be studied as part of this list
    (mutable) (Japanese only)