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Item Entity

Items are the atomic units of learning in Skritter, tracking reviews and learning. An item could be the writing for a character, or the tone of a word.

Also, they can cover more than one word or character, in the case of Chinese. If, for example, a simplified and traditional character have the same definition, a user can only have one item for that shared definition. However, there will be two separate items for the writing of each character. An item does not store the word information though; that's the job of the Vocab.


  • id
  • lang
  • part
  • vocabIds
    list of Vocab ids that this item 'covers' for this user.
  • style
  • timeStudied
    total time spent studying this item in seconds
  • next
    timestamp of when it's due
  • last
    timestamp of when it was last studied.
  • interval
    number of seconds it was originally scheduled for (so not necessarily next - last, if last has been changed since)
  • vocabListIds
    list of VocabList ids from which this item was added
  • sectionIds
    list of VocabListSection ids from which the word was added. This list parallels vocabListIds.
  • reviews
    number of times this item has been reviewed
  • successes
    number of times this item was scored 2 or higher
  • created
    timestamp of when this item was created
  • changed
    timestamp of when this item was last altered in any way
  • previousSuccess
    boolean, whether the last review had a score greater than 1
  • previousInterval
    integer, the interval value prior to the last review

The Item entity is not mutable in any way, and probably never will be. Changes will be made indirectly, such as by banning a Vocab, adding from a VocabList, or reviewing the Item.