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VocabListSection Endpoints

This complements the VocabList endpoints. Use this if you want to:

  • Get only a specific section.
  • Edit the words in a list.
GET http://legacy.skritter.com/api/v0/vocablists/(id)/sections/(id)

Fetches a single section within a list.


  • fields optional list of strings, comma delimited. Only returns the VocabListSection properties listed.


PUT http://legacy.skritter.com/api/v0/vocablists/(id)/sections/(id)

Modifies a single section within a list. Can only be used to modify the section rows, so the only property used is rows.


One VocabListSection dictionary, specifying the VocabListRows for the section.


Same as GET


Same as GET

Example: Editing Sections


Given a VocabListSection id, add 上 to the end.


Fetch the section, add the word, and use PUT to return the result.

    # no special GET parameters needed
    params = {
        'gzip': False
    url = 'http://legacy.skritter.com/api/v0/vocablists/%s/sections/%s'
    url = url % vocab_list_id, vocab_list_section_id

    # fetch the section
    response = client.get(url, params)
    response = json.loads(response.content)
    section = response['VocabListSection']

    # add the VocabListRow
        'vocabId': 'ja-上-0', # use the Vocab endpoint to get this id

    # save changes
    data = json.dumps(section)
    client.put(url, params, data=data)