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Vocab Entity

Vocabs are complementary to the Item entity, and provide all the user-specific settings for a word, as well as all the information about the word.


  • id
  • writing

    (mutable by ballers, for chunking sentences)
  • reading

    (mutable by ballers)
  • definitions
    object (dictionary) of language strings to official Skritter definition strings
    (mutable by ballers)
  • customDefinition
  • lang
  • audio
    url string of the sound file
  • rareKanji
    Whether or not the Kanji is less frequently used.
    (Japanese only, mutable by ballers)
  • toughness
    float of how difficult and rare the Vocab is (higher is more difficult)
  • toughnessString
    human-readable version of toughness
  • mnemonic
    chosen Mnemonic entity for this Vocab, if there is one
  • starred
    boolean or timestamp. Set with boolean, get when vocab was starred
  • style
    (Chinese only)
  • changed
    timestamp for the last time the user specific properties have changed, such as customDefinition or mnemonic
  • bannedParts
    list of the parts that have been banned for this user
  • containedVocabIds
    list of Vocab ids of the characters that form this word
    (multi-character words only)
  • heisigDefinition
    Heisig definition for this character. Returned only if include_heisigs is true.
  • sentenceId
    Vocab id of the sentence for this word for this user. If the user has not chosen a sentence, the most popular one is returned. Returned only if include_sentences is true.
  • sentenceIds
    Complete list of Vocab ids of sentences chosen by this user. Unlike sentenceId, this list is always returned, but these are not included in the separate list of Sentences in the Vocab Endpoints for performance reasons. If you need the full list, fetch them separately, preferably as needed.
  • topMnemonic
    most popular Mnemonic entity for this Vocab. Returned only if include_top_mnemonics is true.
  • priority
    determines priority in search queries, the higher the priority the higher the word appears in searches. Default value is 0. A value of -1 will effectively delete the Vocab for users.
    (mutable by ballers)
  • ilk
    'char', 'word', or 'sent', whether the Vocab is a character, word or sentence respectively.
    (mutable by ballers)