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VocabList Entity

VocabList properties are the meta-data for a list, such as its name, description and tags. It also contains the sections which contain the words for the list.


  • id
  • name
    (required for new lists) (mutable)
  • lang
    (required for new lists)
  • shortName
    ("official" lists only)
  • description
    (mutable) (long string)
  • categories
    list of strings. Usually only consists of one or two strings, the first either being "Textbooks" or "Other" and the second being the series it belongs to.
    ("official" lists only)
  • creator
    the User id of the person who made it
    ("custom" lists only)
  • creatorName
    the User name of the person who made it
    ("custom" lists only, must specify include_user_names)
  • changed
    timestamp of when the list's contents were changed
  • published
    ("custom" lists only)
  • deleted
    (deprecated in favor of "disabled")
  • disabled
  • parent
    VocabList id this list was remixed from, if it was remixed
  • sort
    "official", "custom", "chinesepod-lesson" or "chinesepod-label"
  • updating
    whether or not this list is being updated currently (ChinesePod lists only).
  • singleSect
    whether or not this is a "small" list, ie only one section.
    (mutable only when making a new list) (default: false)
  • tags
    list of strings
  • editors
    list of User ids, who are allowed to edit this list
  • public
    whether this list may be edited by any user or not
    (mutable) (default: false)
  • peopleStudying
  • studyingMode
    "not studying", "adding", "reviewing" or "finished"
    Cannot be set to "finished" directly.
    If set to "not studying", all Items being studied solely from this VocabList will be disabled.
  • currentSection
    id for the VocabListSection that is currently being added from, if the VocabList is being studied and it isn't finished.
  • currentIndex
    index of which VocabListRow in the section will be added next. Not necessarily a valid index.
  • sectionsSkipping
    list of VocabListSection ids this user will not studying from
  • autoSectionMovement
    If false, the list goes from 'adding' to 'reviewing' whenever a section is complete
    (mutable) (default: true)
  • sections
    list of VocabListSections
  • partsStudying
    list of parts that are being studied for this list
  • limitSentenceParts
    boolean. If true, list does not add rune or tone parts for sentences in the list.
  • percentDone
    only included if requested through include_percent_done, and the list is being studied.
    (integer between 0 and 100)