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Review Endpoint

Used to submit Reviews. These require a lot of work in the background, so changes are made asynchronously. Some errors are only found in the midst of the work, and so even if POST returns 200, your client should fetch recent errors with the /reviews/errors endpoint to check and make sure everything worked, and update its data directly from the server if not.

POST http://legacy.skritter.com/api/v0/reviews


POST data is an array of Reviews, up to 500 of them.
  • spaceItems
    flag for whether or not to auto space (push forward) items related to the submitted reviews
    (boolean) (default: true)
GET http://legacy.skritter.com/api/v0/reviews/errors


  • offset
    timestamp, which is a lower bound
  • limit
    maximum number of Review Errors to fetch
    (default: 100) (max: 100)
  • cursor
    string used for pagination


  • ReviewErrors
    list of Review Errors, ordered by when the error was discovered on the server, ordered ascending
  • cursor
    string to pass back in future requests for pagination. If not included, there are no more. If included, there probably are more.