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Subscription Entity


  • expires
    false if this account is indefinitely free, otherwise a date
  • subscribed
    false if not currently on a subscription, otherwise one of 'skritter', 'gplay', 'paypal' or 'ios' indicating which service is processing payments
  • discount
    false if no discount is available for this account, otherwise an object with properties:
    • price: price string in USD
    • expires: date when the discount ends
  • vacation false if not on vacation, otherwise an object with properties:
    • start: date
    • end: date
    Set this value to false to end a vacation, or set vacation.end to a date to start a vacation.
  • gplay_subscription false if not actively subscribed to Google Play, otherwise an object with all properties:
    • subscription: the id of the subscription, one of 'one.month.sub' or 'one.year.sub'
    • package: the id of the Google Play App purchased from, one of 'com.inkren.skritter.chinese' and 'com.inkren.skritter.japanese'
    • token: identifying this Google Play subscription instance