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Request Entity

Requests represent API requests you are Batching.


  • path
    url path of the request. Start with 'api' (ex: 'api/v0/items')
  • method
    method of the request, either 'GET', 'PUT', or 'POST'
  • params
    object, the GET parameters for the request
  • post
    string, the POST data. Excluded when returned
  • spawner
    boolean, signaling the system to spawn as many further Requests as necessary to complete the entire query in this request.
    (default: false)
  • id
  • created
    when this request was created and queued (but not necessarily when it started running)
  • spawnedBy
    id of the Batch or Parallel Request this is part of
  • done
    false if unfinished, timestamp of when this request finished otherwise
  • responseSize
    number in bytes the size of the (uncompressed) response
  • responseStatusCode
  • response